RamTech FAQ

In the Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section
we try to answer the most common questions that get submitted to us at RamTect.
If you would not find the question or answer that you are looking for then please contact us by submitting your question on the contact page. We try to keep our FAQ as up to date as possible.

RamTech appreciate your interest in our products!


1. Question: Is all Products original OEM parts?

    Answer: Yes, all parts are manufactured and developted by Borgwarner ( former Haldex )

2. Question: Can i buy parts from RamTech?

    Answer: Yes, you can now buy product from our webshop or Contact our authorized reseller for parts. You can find them under resellers.

3. Question: I would like to be a reseller for your products, how do i get them?

     Answer: You can contact us here (under contact)

4. Question: I don’t live in the EU. Can I still order from you?

    Answer: We are planning to make it possible to buy if you live outsside of EU

5. Question: Is Haldex and Borgwarner using the same AWD system?

Answer: Yes, Haldex traction systems was bought by Borgwarner in 2011