Terms and conditions

Purchase information:

Ramtech AB sells and market aftermarket products, OEM products and original products. We reserve ourselves and are not liable for price changes, final sale or any factual inaccuracies that may appear on our site or in our advertisements. We reserve ourselves and are not liable for that the product images we display on our site may contain technical and / or graphical and typographical errors. The information on www.ramtech.se is provided for informational purposes only and as is without warranty of any kind, including but not limited to, implied warranties of fitness, fitness for general as well as specific purposes and objectives.

Private Customers

Ramtech AB follows the European guidelines and legislation for e-commerce defined by the European Commission. As a consumer, you have therefore all the rights mentioned in those guidelines and laws. In case of any delay in the products, customers have the right to cancel the purchase if the proposed new delivery date is not acceptable. If prepayment has been made for a product that has a delayed delivery you have the option to cancel the purchase and will be refunded within 30 days.

Business Customers

Ramtech AB enforce existing European legislation in relation to legal persons in each country, ie. businesses. As a business, you have therefore all the rights mentioned in those laws.


Ramtech AB does not sell to people under 18 years of age since it is against general European guidelines for e-commerce.


We report all kinds of fraud, including false orders, orders made with stolen credit cards etc. directly to the local police in each specific country. When we identify potential fraud we do everything we can to assist the local police in the best possible way.

Warranties & Claims

Ramtech AB gives 2 year limited warranty on all products unless otherwise stated. The guarantee means that we will repair or replace defective product within 2 year if the product is not damaged by handling errors. As a consumer you have a 2 year warranty if the product was faulty at the time of delivery. The consumer must return a defective product within a reasonable time after he/she discovered or should have noticed the error.


Please Note that to obtain a return number is not equivalent to an approved claim. Consumers should use the Ramtech AB seconded delivery note for the return of the goods. The item should be submitted within 14 days of registration of the return. When returning a product the shipment also has to include the original order number, a valid return authorization ID along with a description of the problem, preferably a detailed one. If Ramtech AB is responsible for the problem with the product, Ramtech AB will pay the return shipping. Otherwise, the customer is responsible for return shipping. If any of the required documents is missing the product is sent back to the customer.  Returns must be returned well packaged in accordance with instructions received in connection with the notice of the return issue.

Any damage resulting from inadequate packaging is charged the customer. If you paid by invoice we appreciate if you can send us your account number for the quickest possible service. If you paid by credit card we refund the money back on you card.

Right of withdrawal

As a consumer, private person, you always have a 14 days right of withdrawal from the day that you receive the products. You can always cancel you order if a product is sold out. The right of withdrawal is not valid on products that are specially ordered from a supplier for a specific customer and purpose. This could for example be an exclusive customized exhaust system. Information on which products that are exempt from the right of withdrawal is to be found under each specific product`s detailed product information. The right of withdrawal is only valid if the product is unused and in unchanged condition. The right of withdrawal does not apply to business customers.

Ramtech AB will charge the customer for missing products if the returned product is not complete or has been used. Ramtech AB does not collect parcels that have not been picked up by the customer. Failure to pick up a parcel sent from Ramtech AB is not a valid ground for exercising the right of withdrawal.

Unclaimed packages

Unclaimed packages will be charged a fee to cover screwed cost of shipping and administration. For non-fetched package the costumer is charged 25 € including VAT. In order not picked up business packages, tire and/or wheel packages are charged 50 € including VAT.